Monday, 18 August 2014

God Hates Fangs Podcast 56 - Almost Home

The end draws near!  So join us to contemplate a smoke monster baby, who will inherit Maxine's doll collection, and what exactly you should do when the local reverend and his wife start tripping balls in your front yard.



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  1. Super quickly, before I watch the latest episode, I want to make a prediction: Bill says no to the NuBlood (Numi, or really New-me?) because he has FAIRY Hep-V, and he needs a FAIRY cure, which means, making Sookie get cured with Sarah's blood, then Bill drinking her blood to cure himself... OR OR OR... He DOES need a relative's blood, AND fairy blood, and Adeline's his cure.
    Also, Arlene should get cured in time for one more sex scene, because she just doesn't get that much love anymore. Also, where the hell are her kids?
    And speaking of people who don't get to show their tits, I like Jessica/Jason better than Jessica/Hoyt. And I think Jessica is going to show her tits by the end.