Thursday, 16 September 2010

God Hates Fangs Podcast 12 - Evil Is Going On

Well folks, it's come to an end.  Join us as we dissect the True Blood season 3 finale, which featured Obi-Wan-Godric, a flying saucer-cum-chandelier, an ice-skater's costume, and a random Matrix moment.


We hope you've enjoyed listening, and we're pleased to announce that just because the season is over doesn't mean our podcasts are.  Join us next week when we list our ten most and least favourite things about season 3. The following week we'll be looking at some of the great TV shows that you can watch during the True Blood haitus.  That will be followed with a show dedicated to other vampire TV shows and movies.  Once the six issue run of True Blood comics finishes in a few month's time we'll have a podcast dedicated to those, which will also look at a few other vampire-based comic series.  We'd love it if you could e-mail us any suggestions for these upcoming shows at  

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